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Constant Force Adjustable Spacers Case Study

Constant Force Adjustable Spacers Case Study


Simplify Design. Streamline Assembly. Save Time.

A Temper Corp Customer Experience Story

Temper Corp recently got the chance to sit down with Brian at PT Tech to discuss their experience with our constant force adjustable spacers. Brian had learned of our product from a manager of his, who had picked up a sample of them at a recent tradeshow.

“I was trying to get away from setting rolling torque. And it was nice to be able to eliminate the step of having the assembly cool down before setting it,” Brian recalls.

He decided to try Temper’s constant force adjustable spacers because of the product's unique performance. “It allowed me to take up all of my stack-ups, to have a reliable and repeatable preload of the bearing system. We were also able to simplify design and assembly.”

After installing our constant force adjustable spacers, Brian and his team now enjoy a simpler and less time-intensive assembly process. “Now we just assemble it hot. We know the preload is there, thanks to the rolling torque. And since I know the spacers have (can handle) the preload put into them, no matter what the part tolerances are, I no longer have to check, adjust, and recheck.” 

As they ramp up into production, Brian and PT Tech truly realize the benefits of our unique spacers. “It’s absolutely worth the investment to avoid the hassle of having to source and stock multiple parts for each application.”

Temper Constant Force Adjustable Spacers are fabricated from ductile, high-strength stainless alloys. They are designed to crush at a constant force over a wide range of “axial displacement”, easily handling loads from 100 lbs and 80 tons, outside dimensions between 1.5” to 60”, and spring back of .010”.

One of the biggest advantages of Temper Corp Constant Force Adjustable Spacers is that they only have to be “installed” once, which significantly reduces assembly time (no more measuring, shimming, evaluating, and adjusting). In addition, because they don’t require specialized personnel for installation, our clients enjoy a further reduction in labor costs.

To learn more about Temper Corp’s Adjustable Spacer Load Rings, call 1.866.4-TEMPER to speak with one of our sales engineers.

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