Temper Corporation

Custom Manufacturer of Precision Assemblies and Equipment


for bearing adjustment,
elimination of selective shimming,
sealing and motion control.
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Adjustable spacers

for pinpoint bearing setting
first time and every time.
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Speed Sense ™ magnet rings

for effective Motion and Position control.
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High temperature

with features
selected and designed
for your application.
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Celebrating Over 50 Years of Precision Engineering

Custom Manufacturer of
Precision Assemblies and Equipment

Get all the advantages

Engineer & Manufacture parts to optimize the performance of your application

Temper Load Rings
Speed Sense® Magnet Rings
High Temperature Seals
Automation Equipment
Temper Load Rings
Temper Load Rings are adjustable spacers that have unique properties: they are compressed at at constant force (permanent adjustment) and can spring back a small yet constant value. The spacers are designed to take up the stack of tolerances in an assembly, and the adjust bearings and the assembly to a specific setting. Temper’s proprietary design technology and manufacturing processes result in a highly consistent spacer – it means that you can have the confidence that every temper load ring will get you the results you expect.
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Speed Sense® Magnet Rings
This low profile, patented magnet ring is used in speed control, direction sensing and counting applications. With a quick and simple installation, this ring performs under extreme temperatures, corrosive applications, and high pressure.

Temper Speed Sense Magnet Rings have added predictability to:

• Hydraulic motors
• Elevator systems
• Fork lifts
• Power transmissions
• Heavy equipment
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High Temperature Seals
Our high temperature seal design has been consistently delivering for clients since 1969. With a wide range of roll-formed single, multi-convolute, and overlapping spring seals, we guarantee the right fit for your product.

Temper Spring Seals have improved:

• Oil refinery valves
• Fuel cells
• Nuclear reactors
• Commercial and military aircraft
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Automation Equipment
Temper began producing custom designed hydraulic “Smart” presses as early as 1976. Recently we have developed our own system utilizing Baldor servomotors coupled with Direct Automation controllers to provide a much more user-friendly system for high force, super-accurate bearing-adjusting Smart Presses™. We offer capacities up to 300,000 pounds.
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Optimize Assembly in any application.
Temper Corporation’s family of inventions has helped engineers and manufacturers around the world assemble machines, motors, pumps, and more with greater accuracy, ease, and consistency.
Proudly made in USA.
Temper Corporation Delivers the One Part that Makes all the Difference

When Consistent
Performance is Critical

A simple big idea can change everything
Our team thrives on innovation and is always looking for new problems to solve. Building custom solutions for your unique application is our specialty. When you need bearing assembly to be faster, stronger, more efficient or accurate – we’ll engineer a product and approach that works for you.
Improve Accuracy. Reduce Production Costs
Eliminate shims; create accurate, repeatable and efficient assembly; cut time and costs. We use our expert understanding of bearings and seals to improve your product’s integrity. Collaborating with engineers around the world, our parts and tools permit extreme accuracy in the face of manufacturing tolerances. Our strongest solutions use Temper parts assembled on Temper machines. Committed to both developing and acquiring state of the art equipment, we’re able to guarantee exceptional product quality and reliable assembly time after time.
From initial idea to completed assembly.
We’re a partner with experience you can trust. Custom order or reorder, new or long-standing relationship- no matter the project, we’re quick on our feet so you can keep running. And we believe, with innovation as our passion and your success as our cause, we can always deliver unique and effective solutions.