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Temper® Axle – Doctor Preload

Doctor Preload® Bearing Adjustment Tools and Temper-Loc® Spindle Nuts

Discover Doctor Preload® Bearing Adjustment Tools and Temper-Loc® Spindle Nuts


Doctor Preload® bearing adjustment tools allow your technicians to quickly and accurately adjust wheel end bearings to SAE standard light preload settings while measuring preload forces all the way through the adjustment process and at the final preload setting.

SAE International, the technical and engineering leaders of the vehicle industry, published the specifications for light preload in heavy duty truck and bus wheel end bearings for optimal performance in March 2001. At that time there was no practical and safe way to adjust bearings to SAE specified preloads – until Temper® Axle introduced Doctor Preload® to the industry in 2009. Now there are no more excuses:

  • No reason to compromise wheel end and tire performance with outdated and cumbersome procedures.
  • No reason for you to settle for poor performing wheel ends and tires.
  • Absolutely no reason to leave that money on the road.

Fleets report achieving up to 30% increases in tire life due to more even tread wear. Wheel seal and bearing life and brake operation are also optimized with preload settings.

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