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Magnet rings (also called ring magnets) are used in a variety of power transmission applications across consumer, commercial, and industrial environments, including elevator systems, hydraulic pumps, steering systems, and more. At Temper Corporation, we offer magnet rings with multiple magnetic pitch options to meet the speed and position-sensing needs of various applications.

Features of Speed Sense Magnet Rings

Our proprietary line of Speed Sense™ Magnet Rings from Temper Corporation are constructed using a high-quality stainless steel outer shield and a strontium ferrite magnet bonded with nitrile rubber.

Speed Sense magnet rings offer a wide range of beneficial characteristics:

  • Not hard or brittle, which means they won't chip or break if dropped or impacted
  • Highly magnetized through the entire thickness of the ring
  • Low profile design
  • Low to high multi-pole resolutions
  • Simplified press-fit installation onto shafts and hubs
  • Safe for use in harsh operating environments (high-temperature up to 250°, high-pressure, corrosive)
  • Compatible with magnetic sensors, including Hall effect, reed switch and magneto resistive switches

Applications of Speed Sense Magnet Rings

Speed Sense Ring Magnets are well-suited for incorporation into the latest generation of generators, motors, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, sensors, and other industrial equipment. Given their easy installation without the need for specialized tools, our magnet rings are ideal for speed control, direction and speed sensing, counting applications, incremental encoders, and much more.

Typical use cases for our Speed Sense Magnet Rings may include:

  • Elevator systems
  • Forklifts
  • Heavy equipment
  • High-intensity separator systems
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Industrial-grade magnetic sensors
  • Power transmission systems

Speed Sense rings are extremely well-suited to the rigors of industrial environments due to the Plastiform® magnetic compound used in their construction, which consists of nitrile rubber bonded with a strontium ferrite magnet. We provide numerous adjustable features in our robust ring magnet offerings, ensuring that we have a solution for virtually any industrial need. These options include:

  • A polarization process for incremental applications (relative position, rotational speed), as well as absolute multi-track applications (absolute angular position), rational speed, rotational speed)
  • Pole spacing up to 0.125”, with other pole spacing options for custom projects
  •  High remanence up to Br = 2,450G
  • High coercive field at 186 KA/m
  • High signal accuracy and resolution with polar widths designable down to 0.06”
  •  Ring sizes ranging from 2-60” with customizable poles
  • Highly resistant to shocks/vibrations

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We offer a broad portfolio of industrial components, including magnet rings, high-temperature metal seals, constant-force adjustable spacers, custom precision-machined parts, and much more. To see how our solutions can benefit your operation, please contact Temper today.

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