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Eliminating Shimming and Guesswork in Powertrains

Eliminating Shimming and Guesswork in Powertrains

Powertrain engineering involves hundreds of parts, complex calculations, and careful modeling, requiring advanced technical skills and function-optimized design knowledge. From design to analysis to testing, companies rely on innovative and systematic professionals to develop reliable conventional, electric, and hybrid powertrain concepts for production.

Engineers must account for everything from filtration to fluid flow and environmental impact to long-term sustainability. Typical considerations range from calibration to diagnostics to performance optimization. After budgeting, scoping, material sourcing, prototyping, testing, and data analysis, the only measure of powertrain design success is the reliable and safe long-term operation in a near-endless array of situations.Constant Force Adjustable Spacers Image

One key area that can present a challenge is the spacing of individual components. The need for adjustable design elements leads many engineers to use shims in their assemblies. While this can serve as a decent stop-gap solution, there is a better answer.

Temper Corp Adjustable Spacers allow engineers to designate and employ a crush at a constant force over a wide range of “axial displacement” in their powertrain designs. Each spacer provides for the highly-accurate adjustment of bearings without clumsy shims. They can easily make loads as low as 100 lb, with standard loads between 100 lbs and 80 tons with outside dimensions between 1.5” to 60”.

Fabricated from ductile, high-strength stainless alloys, Temper Corp Constant Force Adjustable Spacers offer a small but repeatable amount of spring back that can be measured in .010” (10/1000ths of an inch) over a wide tolerance of take-up range.

Adaptable and compressible, Temper Adjustable Spacers provide highly-accurate bearing adjustments without requiring complex measurements and calculations. These simple but elegant engineering helpers help to eliminate the shimming and guesswork involved in Powertrain engineering, reducing design and assembly time, increasing bearing accuracy, and minimizing carrying costs.

These cost-effective stainless-steel adjustable spacers can be employed in a wide range of products, from farm tractors to boat engines to transmissions, or used to take up space that typical tolerance stack-ups may create.

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