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Constant Force Adjustable Spacers Case Study

  Simplify Design. Streamline Assembly. Save Time. A Temper Corp Customer Experience Story Temper Corp recently got the chance to sit down with Brian at PT Tech to discuss their experience with our constant force adjustable spacers. Brian had learned of our product from a manager of his, who had picked up a sample of […]

Eliminating Shimming and Guesswork in Powertrains

Powertrain engineering involves hundreds of parts, complex calculations, and careful modeling, requiring advanced technical skills and function-optimized design knowledge. From design to analysis to testing, companies rely on innovative and systematic professionals to develop reliable conventional, electric, and hybrid powertrain concepts for production. Engineers must account for everything from filtration to fluid flow and environmental […]

How Adjustable Spacers Work

An adjustable spacer is a type of spacer that works as a predictable, constant force that creates even spacing between parts in a machine. It eliminates the need for measuring and shimming, making the assembling process faster and more efficient. Load rings are a valuable tool for quality assurance because they help manufacturers reduce assembly […]

Women-Owned Small Business

Women-owned small businesses exist across the manufacturing industry, but they remain underrepresented in certain sectors. In 2022, just 11% of all U.S. small manufacturing companies were owned by women. To level the playing field, the Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contracting Program limits competition for some government-funded jobs to small businesses that meet certain requirements. […]

Factors to Consider When Selecting Load Rings

Precision machining involves many processes that remove excess material from a workpiece and create a finished product that meets tight tolerances.

Did You Know about Our Machining Capabilities for Precision Machined Parts?

Precision machining involves many processes that remove excess material from a workpiece and create a finished product that meets tight tolerances.

Temper 2022 Scholarships Available

  Scholarship Title Page                2022 Scholarships Descriptions        Scholarship Application 2022    Completed scholarship applications and essays must be received by May 16, 2022 to be eligible for consideration  Please be sure that your full name and High School appears in the footer of all pages of your essay. Applications can […]

Benefits of Metal Seals

In industrial machines, seals are essential in holding pieces together and preventing leaks. Everyday machines like dishwashers require seals to prevent water from leaking out while in use. Critical, complex machinery like airplanes, cars, and medical devices also need seals to work correctly—they could mean life or death. In applications where seals need to withstand […]

Benefits of Magnet Rings for Industrial Applications

Magnet rings are utilized across a variety of industrial power transmission applications, including hydraulic pumps, steering systems, and more. These essential components are available in various magnetic pitch options to meet a wide range of speed and position-sensing needs. Learn more about the advantages of industrial magnet rings as well as their common applications.  Industrial […]