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specialized engineers and manufacturing professionals

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Founded in 1969 by industry veteran, John Rode, our inventions have stood the test of time. With a growing team of specialized engineers and manufacturing professionals, we excel at designing and developing distinctive solutions for the construction, automobile, transportation, and manufacturing industries.

From a single red barn in Pennsylvania to over two million parts a year from manufacturing facilities in New York and Michigan, John Rode has guided our company to where we are today with strategic business savvy and scientific discovery.

Over 5O years later, we remain a leader in precision assemblies and equipment, dedicated to exceptional quality and customer service.
Some of the Temper® Load Ring Applications Include:

Hydraulic Pumps
Gear Reducers
Electric Motors
Farm Tractors
Mining Equipment
Boat Motors
Lawn Mowers
Farm Tractors
Industrial Trucks
specialized engineers and manufacturing professionals

Today, Temper® manufacturers more than 2,000,000 rings per year.

Throughout its inception, Temper® Corporation has designed, developed and acquired state of the art equipment, such as CNC lathes, mills, grinders and special roll-forming machines, in order to effectively manufacture precision items.

Through carefully selected and constructed design tools, state of the art equipment and strong testing capabilities, Temper® Corporation continues to be the leader in bearing adjustment technology.

Some of the high temperature metal Spring Seals Applications Include:
Commercial and Military Aircraft
Oil Refinery Valves
Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cells
specialized engineers and manufacturing professionals

Our customers give us the opportunity to solve their problems

Over the past thirty-plus years, Temper® Corporation has been successful in establishing relationships and partnering with hundreds of customers.

One of the reasons for our success is that our customers have given us the opportunity to solve their problems and that we’ve been able to seek Patent Protection on these solutions, which has been successful for our customers.

By incorporating new technology to remain competitive, maintaining responsiveness and ensuring on-time deliveries, Temper® Corporation continues to design and manufacture products that not only solve problems, but save the customer money as well.

Temper® Corporation is committed to supplying products and services that meet customer satisfaction, while working internally as a team of specialists that strive for innovation and product improvement.

Temper® Corporation was awarded the New York State Small Business Manufacturer of the Year Award in 2000. Chief Executive Officer, John E. Rode, received the New York State Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2001. Temper® Corporation is an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company.

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