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Adjustable Bearing Spacers for Industrial Conveyors: Simplified Maintenance and Longer Bearing Life

Bearing spacers are a simple yet crucial part installed throughout industrial conveyor systems. The bearings themselves are what allow all of the conveyor rollers to spin freely, and every individual bearing requires precision spacing to ensure smooth operation. The easiest, most cost-effective way to achieve proper bearing spacing is by installing Temper’s adjustable bearing spacers. […]

Adjustable Spacers in Mining

Although mining is one of the oldest industries, mining engineering continually pushes the boundaries of technology. This $4 billion industry relies on cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing of effective heavy equipment for the ongoing discovery and harvesting of raw materials. This drives mining engineers to find effective solutions for a number of challenges, including: Balancing load […]

Constant Force Adjustable Spacers Case Study

  Simplify Design. Streamline Assembly. Save Time. A Temper Corp Customer Experience Story Temper Corp recently got the chance to sit down with Brian at PT Tech to discuss their experience with our constant force adjustable spacers. Brian had learned of our product from a manager of his, who had picked up a sample of […]

How Adjustable Spacers Work

An adjustable spacer is a type of spacer that works as a predictable, constant force that creates even spacing between parts in a machine. It eliminates the need for measuring and shimming, making the assembling process faster and more efficient. Load rings are a valuable tool for quality assurance because they help manufacturers reduce assembly […]

Temper® expands adjustable spacer product line

Temper® Corporation now expands our line of Temper® Load Ring constant force adjustable spacers with high force spacers with hardened faces, at Rockwell C60 hardness(Patent Pending). The compressible spacers are manufactured to load ratings from 25,000 lbs to 100,000 lbs capacity. Materials and hardening process will vary depending upon needs of the specific application. Important […]