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Adjustable Spacers in Mining

Adjustable Spacers in Mining

Although mining is one of the oldest industries, mining engineering continually pushes the boundaries of technology. This $4 billion industry relies on cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing of effective heavy equipment for the ongoing discovery and harvesting of raw materials.

Mining Adjustable Spacers

This drives mining engineers to find effective solutions for a number of challenges, including:

  • Balancing load conditions
  • Adhering to safety and environmental guidelines
  • Preserving equipment in harsh, corrosive environments
  • Complying with building codes and industry regulations
  • Fulfilling massive power requirements
  • Meeting narrow construction windows
  • Remaining budget-conscience
  • Managing the spacing needs of individual components.

Traditionally, the challenge of managing component spacing needs has been approached using shims in mining assemblies. This stop-gap measure has proven ineffective, time-consuming, and costly, requiring both shop and in-field labor and significant inventory. Now, there is a better solution.

Temper Corp Adjustable Spacers allow mining engineers to specify a crush at a constant force over a wide range of axial displacement in their mining equipment designs. Using this cutting-edge spacer allows for incredibly accurate bearing adjustments without the use of clumsy shims.

Our Constant Force Adjustable Spacers are made from ductile, high-strength stainless alloys and can easily handle loads from 100 lbs to 80 tons with outside diameters between 1.5” and 60”. These spacers can provide a small but repeatable amount of spring back over a wide tolerance of take-up range (measuring approximately .010” (10/1000ths of an inch).

Using these adjustable spacers, mining engineers can finally make highly-accurate bearing adjustments without requiring complex calculations and measurements. Our simple but elegant spacing technology eliminates the shimming and guesswork previously involved in mining equipment engineering.

Temper Corp Constant Force Adjustable Spacers provide a number of unique benefits, including:

  • Increasing bearing setting accuracy
  • Reducing design and assembly time
  • Streamlining inventory
  • Minimizing carrying costs
  • Simplifying in-field installation

They can be installed in a wide range of mining products, from draglines to scrapers, rotary drills to electric rope shovels, underground loads to motor graders, and more to take up space created by typical tolerance stack-ups.

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