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How Adjustable Spacers Work

How Adjustable Spacers Work

An adjustable spacer is a type of spacer that works as a predictable, constant force that creates even spacing between parts in a machine. It eliminates the need for measuring and shimming, making the assembling process faster and more efficient.

Load rings are a valuable tool for quality assurance because they help manufacturers reduce assembly times, assemble bearing settings with increased accuracy, prolong bearing settings’ working life cycle, and much more.

How an Adjustable Spacer Works

Adjustable Spacers are constructed from high-strength stainless alloys and come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the size of a nickel to large rings with diameters of up to 60”. The rings are designed to fit into a housing or over a shaft where it's crushed by tightening a nut or inserting a cap on the housing. Once in place, the load value remains constant over a large axial displacement. Engineers choose a load during the design process to ensure that the ring doesn't crush beyond its limits during the operation or overwhelm the assembly.

Engineering Considerations

Ring strength is important when considering a load ring because more strength translates to more tolerance during application. Other considerations include:

  • Static loads: A safety margin of double the maximum static load is usually required for steady forces.
  • Shock loads: Normal operation is not the only source of shock load. Devices must withstand handling loads and transportation, as well. Shock loads can cause parts to deflect or break. Therefore, load rings should have sufficient static shock load.
  • Cyclic thrust forces: A load ring's cyclic thrust force helps keep parts spaced evenly during assembly and prevents them from contacting each other. A safety margin of triple the maximum direct trust is usually required for fatigue resistance.

How Do I Select an Adjustable Spacer?

Working with an engineer is the best way to select an appropriate adjustable spacer. At Temper Corporation, our expert engineers will help you determine the best option for your application while considering available cost options.

Get Superior Load Rings From Temper Corporation

Temper® adjustable spacers have a wide range of applications, from automotive fuel pumps, hydraulic pumps, and conveyors to mining equipment. They reduce repair, maintenance, and assembly time and improve the bearing assembly's life and quality.

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