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Benefits of Metal Seals

Benefits of Metal Seals

In industrial machines, seals are essential in holding pieces together and preventing leaks. Everyday machines like dishwashers require seals to prevent water from leaking out while in use. Critical, complex machinery like airplanes, cars, and medical devices also need seals to work correctly—they could mean life or death.

In applications where seals need to withstand extreme conditions—like high pressures and temperatures, corrosive substances, and radiation—metal seals are the best choice.

Why Use Metal Seals?

Machines in heavy-duty, mission-critical applications rely on metal seals because they need to be able to withstand extreme conditions. Metal seals are superior seals for the following reasons:

  • Extreme temperature resistance. Metal seals can perform well in temperatures as high as 1000°C and as low as cryogenic temperatures. Despite environments of intense heat or cold, these seals defend against cracks and leaks without becoming brittle.
  • Extreme pressure resistance. Metal seals can also withstand pressures as high as 99,000 psi, depending on the application. Their rigidity allows them to create a vacuum seal while still maintaining elasticity.
  • Corrosion resistance. These seals are very resistant to corrosive chemicals and high levels of radiation. Their resilience can be increased by coating the metal seal with additional substances.
  • Low leakage rates. With less thermal distortion due to the wide range of temperatures they tolerate, metal seals can produce up to almost 100 times less leakage as compared to other seal types.
  • Prolonged shelf life. Their resistance to adverse conditions leads to consistent, reliable performance and a very durable seal. If stored properly, metal seals have a much longer shelf life than some alternative varieties. 

What Are Some Other Benefits of Metal Seals?

Metal seals can be produced in many shapes and sizes, including specially made ones, allowing versatility of use. Metal seals can also have various different coatings and base materials, which can be customized to your application. For example, a nickel coating can enhance high-temperature resistance.

Depending on the specific characteristics you require, a knowledgeable metal seal engineer can help you select the best base metal and coating. With so many possible combinations of metals and coatings, you can order multiple types of seals for specific applications, even for a single piece of machinery.

Reliable Metal Seals from Temper Corporation

If you need seals for extreme conditions, metal seals are the ideal option. Their superior temperature, pressure, and corrosion resistance make them a reliable choice. You can customize the best combination of base metal and coating for each seal in your application. Also, since metal seals are noncorroding, they have a very long shelf life, making them easy to order in bulk and store for future use.

Since 1971, Temper Corporation has worked with clients in the construction, automotive, transportation, aerospace and manufacturing industries to help them get the high temperature metal seals they need for critical operations. Our engineers work with customers to design and manufacture the perfect seals for their needs. If you’re ready to partner with us for a custom solution, contact us today.

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