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Today, Temper® manufactures more than
2,000,000 rings per year.
Temper® Corporation Founded

Founded by John Rode, a mechanical engineer with a reputation for the superior design of high-temperature metal seals for aerospace applications.


Temper refocuses its core products on bearing adjustments and achieving preload in assemblies. We also earn our first patent for the Temper Load Ring Adjustable Spacer.


Speed Sense® Magnet Rings are developed and patented and the company experiences considerable growth with new contracts. Our new facility in Fonda, New York is built to accommodate expanding production.


The Temper team pulls together the first ever Temper Load Ring Catalog, allowing customers to shop and explore the many possibilities of our products.


Temper is named the NYS Small Business Manufacturer of the Year


Our founder, John Rode, receives the NYS Entrepreneur of the Year Award


We launch our subsidiary company, Temper Axle, focusing on load rings for railway axles


Temper Axle expands its product line with the patented Doctor Preload® bearing adjustment tool and the Temper-Loe® Spindle Nuts


We open our second manufacturing operation in Michigan to keep pace with Temper Axle orders

June 2018

Closing of second plant in Michigan in June to consolidate operations for cost savings for our customers.

August 2018

August 2, 2018 Founder and owner John E. Rode passed away.  His successor, Daughter-in-law Cynthia Dekuiper, takes the reigns to continue the legacy of Mr. Rode meeting the needs of our customers and continuing growth of our company.


We are off to a great start for 2020!

Temper Corporation is now owned and operated by Cynthia DeKuiper. We are a registered US Federal Contractor as well as a Small Woman Owned Business!

With a dedication to exceptional quality and customer service, we remain a leader in precision assemblies and equipment.

When you pair engineering talent with a passion for customer service, any problem can be solved. Since 1969, Temper Corporation has stood by this philosophy. One patent at a time, the Temper story grew. Here’s how it all came to be.