Magnet Ring Elevator Shaft Application:





Temper Magnet Ring mounted on wheel hub


The Elevator Shaft Speed Sense Magnet Ring features a 304 stainless steel outer shell configuration. With varying diameter and pole spacing, these magnet rings press fit directly onto the carbon hubs for an elevator rubber rail wheel.

This Temper Speed Sense™ Magnet Ring is supplied by Temper Corporation already mounted to the hub with a rust protective coating. Temper's ring assemblies are capable of withstanding harsh environments including extreme temperature, corrosive material, and higher pressures with a low profile design for quick and easy installation.

For this particular application, Temper Corporation's Magnet Rings replaced Gear Tooth Encoders. The Temper ring provides accurate feedback to the operator by using the required pole spacing and sensor connector solution. Temper's Magnet Rings are cost effective and accurate with an improved repeatability as compared to the traditional sensing components.

Temper Magnet Rings are typically used with sensor/ cable assemblies also available from Temper Corporation. These include Hall effect, reed switch, and magneto resistive sensors.

Typical industry applications for the Temper Speed Sense Magnet Rings include hydraulic motors, elevator systems, forklifts, power transmission and other heavy equipment.


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