Innovations from Temper in recent months include new smart press technology and improvements to Belleville spring designs.

One version (pictured right) is named Adjustaville™ spring because it is a hybrid of Temper adjustable spacer form with a version of Belleville springs. The result has application as both a seal and a spring with exceptionally high resilience in a small axial space. Temper produces specialty Belleville discs by a machining process that permits economy in small lots, and the use of high performance metals and high temperature applications.


Another innovation in this area is the self-interlocking stacking Belleville discs.



Temper began producing custom designed hydraulic "Smart" presses as early as 1976. Recently we have developed our own system utilizing Baldor servomotors coupled with Direct Automation controllers to provide a much more user-friendly system for high force, super-accurate bearing-adjusting Smart Presses™. We offer capacities up to 300,000 pounds.



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