John E. Rode, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Temper Corporation, was born and raised in New York City. He was influenced early on in life by an uncle who had invented button-sorting machines, which created a lasting impression on John. During his high school years, John attended and graduated from the prestigious Bronx School of Science.

After graduating from the Bronx School of Science, John was accepted into Iowa State University, where he developed a strong interest in engineering. John graduated from Iowa State with an Engineering Degree and later received his Masters in Engineering from the University of New Mexico.

After graduation, John's entrepreneurial spirit led him to the fishing industry, where he decided to sell trout flies. After the venture did not offer returns he expected, he decided to accept various job offers, working at United Technologies on aerospace projects, and later at Westinghouse (on Nautilus class nuclear subs), then moving on to Kenna Metals in Pennsylvania. Although John was utilizing his engineering expertise, his entrepreneurial spirit won out, necessitating that he start something new on his own.

John Rode started Temper Corporation in 1969 in Pennsylvania, relocating in 1971 to Fonda, New York. The business began operations in a red barn with one employee. Today, Temper Corporation's manufacturing facility has grown to 30,000 square feet, with staffing specialists in engineering, sales, marketing and manufacturing departments.

Over the past thirty-three years, Temper Corporation has designed and developed high precision products, including high-temperature metal gaskets, compressible load rings, magnet rings and surgical scissors. Temper's main product, stainless-steel rings, assists manufacturers in the installation of ball-bearing assemblies in a wide array of products. Temper Corporation is the only company in the world that makes adjustable spacers based on Rode's design.

The Temper philosophy continues today with new staff and creative ideas being generated. As Rode stated after he received the New York State Small Business Manufacturer of the Year Award in 2000, "Temper continues to develop product teams that harness the best employees in-house that are responsible for tackling design problems and coming up with effective solutions."

At a time when manufacturers are closing their doors, Temper Corporation is growing steadily by reengineering its company and defense industries. Sean Strait, Vice President and Chief Engineer of Temper Corporation has often stated, "Through his basic genius, John Rode has been able to build Temper to what it is today."


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