Founded in 1969 by Chief Executive Officer, John E. Rode, Temper Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company located in Fonda, New York. Today, Temper Corporation continues to provide innovative design, exceptional product quality and strong customer service. Temper Corporation is a leader in precision assemblies and equipment with quality designs at lower costs.

The company's initial objective was to make high performance, cost effective metal spring sealing gaskets or static face seals, to be used on aerospace applications. However, due to cutbacks in aerospace spending in the early 1970's, the product emphasis shifted to newly invented compressible spacers. The Temper Load Ring™ Adjustable Spacer was developed and became an important component for customers to utilize in a wide range of assemblies, particularly for rapid and accurate adjustment of tapered roller bearings. The Temper Load Ring is a precision contour ring designed to perform as a predictable compression force element which is fabricated from ductile, high strength metal alloys. The Temper Load Ring provides a way to simplify assembly, while improving the accuracy of bearing setting with a known pre-load, resulting in reduced production costs. The adjustable spacer eliminates measuring and shimming, and improves assembly fit and precision.

Some of the Temper Load Ring Applications include:

  • Mining Equipment
  • Compressors
  • Boat Motors
  • Conveyors
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Transmissions
  • Axle Wheel Ends
  • Industrial Trucks

Today, Temper manufacturers more than 1,000,000 rings per year.

Adjusting to the changing market as well as to an increase in aerospace needs, Temper's original product, Spring Seals (high precision, high temperature metals), became marketable to commercial and military aircraft companies. Many jet liners have utilized Temper seals to prevent leakage between joints in the engine casing. The seals remain flexible at high operating temperatures. Today, Temper seals are found in about 1 out of 4 jets. Some of the high temperature metal Spring Seals Applications include:

  • Commercial and Military Aircraft
  • Oil Refinery Valves
  • Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cells

In the early 1990's, Temper Corporation developed a line of magnet rings and bi-metal high-pressure containment sensor housings for the hydraulic power industry. The Speed Sense Magnet Rings were designed to measure the speed and direction of a rotating unit for such applications as hydraulic pumps, elevator systems and industrial steering assemblies. Sensor bodies work in conjunction with the magnet ring by housing sensitive electronics that measure the magnetic ring poles as they rotate on the shaft. The Magnet Rings were invented following a customer's request for a secure, flexible, multi-pole magnetic strip. Temper Corporation takes on new challenges and prides itself in the ability to solve problems and create solutions for customers.

In the late 90's, Temper Corporation's manufacturing and design expertise paved the way for the development of Temper-Set Smart Presses. These innovative presses have provided select customers with automated bearing adjustment in conjunction with the Temper Load Ring. The latest machines are computer controlled offering the most efficient production line assemblies.

Throughout its inception, Temper Corporation has designed, developed and acquired state of the art equipment, such as CNC lathes, mills, grinders and special roll-forming machines, in order to effectively manufacture precision items. Through carefully selected and constructed design tools, state of the art equipment and strong testing capabilities, Temper Corporation continues to be the leader in bearing adjustment technology.

Temper Corporation strives to meet customer needs while capitalizing on new product development. Temper developed a new technique for fabrication resulting in exceptional product quality and cost effectiveness for a medical corporation. Temper produces stainless steel Surgical Scissors used in thousands of minimally invasive surgeries each year. Temper makes the scissor blades, which are hardened stainless steel, and a stainless steel rod and tube extension mechanism. Temper assembles these scissors with consistently perfect cutting accuracy.

Over the past thirty-plus years, Temper Corporation has been successful in establishing relationships and partnering with over one hundred customers. According to CEO John Rode, "One of the reasons for our success is that our customers have given us the opportunity to solve their problems and that we've been able to seek Patent Protection on these solutions, which has been successful for our customers." By incorporating new technology to remain competitive, maintaining responsiveness and ensuring on-time deliveries, Temper Corporation continues to design and manufacture products that not only solve problems, but save the customer money as well.

Temper Corporation is committed to supplying products and services that meet customer satisfaction, while working internally as a team of specialists that strive for innovation and product improvement. Temper Corporation was awarded the New York State Small Business Manufacturer of the Year Award in 2000. Chief Executive Officer, John E. Rode, received the New York State Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2001. Temper Corporation is ISO 9001: 2000; AS 9100:2001 registered.


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